Satco S39752 60W/LED/HID/MB-G3/50K/100-277V (60 Watts)


SKU: 10001709

60 Watt LED HID Replacement; 5000K; Mogul extended base; Adjustable Beam Angle; Type B Ballast Bypass;100-277 Volt

The third generation of multibeam lamps offer improved efficiency, performance, and installation versatility. With an impressive 140 lumens per watt, a redesigned and more efficient heat sink, and an optional PIR motion sensor, the multibeam grabs more energy-saving than ever. The unique adjustable light panels allow for installation at beam angles of 260, 150 or 120 degrees. The panels may be adjusted individually in any direction for maximum beam control. The GEN3 multibeam is part of Satco's robust line of commercial multibeam lamps.
Greater Efficiency
Improved Heat Dissipation
Built-In 4kv Surge Protection
Multiple Beam Angle Options
Port For Motion Sensor
L:7.76 D:4.13

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