Power Pro One Flat Exterior Bronze Multi-Material Screws #9 X 2-1/2" - 1lb Box (#9 X 2-1/2")

Power Pro

SKU: 19307768

At Power Pro, we’ve highly engineered our products to be stronger, faster, and the best-in-class, so you can feel confident that you’re doing only your best work. Our multi-material screws are just what you need to quickly and securely fasten wood, metal, concrete, drywall, or plastic materials. Plus, designed for high performance and improved results, these screws don’t require any pre-drilling. Each screw is constructed from high-quality steel, which helps create stronger connections and ensures the durability of every fastener. Whether you're working on metal, cement board, drywall, brick, or wood, Power Pro has the right tools and hardware for the job. Power Pro was founded to provide craftsmen with solutions that complement their hard-earned skills. We understood from the beginning that trust is earned and never freely given. So, we rigorously designed, tested, and improved our products to ensure that we delivered the unrivaled performance and quality that craftsmen deserve.


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