PetEdge U-Groom Ergonomic Nail Trimmers


SKU: 8605685

Professional-grade u-groom Ergonomic Nail Trimmers, designed for home use. Classic guillotine style for professional results. Packaged with a tie card for easy retail display. Display with other u•groom® home grooming products, such as the Handled Combs and Slicker Brushes. Suitable for small to medium dogs and cats.

Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable, secure grip
Built-in safety guard prevents overcutting

1. Hold paw securely, but not tightly.
2. Trim nails, taking care not to clip the blood supply. For white nails, the blood supply will appear as the pink center. Trim only the white tips. For darker nails, trim only a small amount of the nails at a time.
3. Once the tips have been trimmed, examine the trimmed end of each nail.
4. Continue to trim until you see a darker circle in the center of the nail.
5. For larger nails, finish by slightly clipping the sharp corners from each nail.

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