Oregon All-Purpose Trimmer Line, Star Shape, .095" Diameter, 855ft (855 feet)


SKU: 13510565

Oregon All-Puropose Starline offers a flexible, durable line for everyday use. Whether you are trimming or edging around garden beds, Oregon's trimmer line features long lasting, high-quality materials and fits most standard trimmer heads. All-Purpose starline is compatible with most standard trimmer heads including fixed-line, semi and automatic bump-feed heads. Additionally, it fits most gas, electric, and battery-powered curved and straight shaft string trimmers. Check your string trimmer manual for recommendations and to ensure that larger lines will work with your trimmer. This trimmer line is packaged in a user-friendly donut which prevents tangles.

Impact resistant – All-Purpose Starline is made from a Nylon co-polymer that is fortified with additives so it lasts longer and breaks less
.095" diameter trimmer line is a good size for cutting heavier weeds in your lawn or performing light commercial work
Star Shape Provides 6 sharp-cutting sides to help make easy work of low to medium tall grass
Trimmer line comes in a user-friendly, spool with a groove to keep trimmer line secure, for easy storage and fewer tangles

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