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HTH spa™ Care Bromine Tabs (2 lb)

HTH Pools

SKU: 6530075

Enjoy all the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor! Use these convenient tabs to sanitize your spa water to keep it clean, clear and ready for relaxation.

  • Ideal for sanitizing spas and hot tubs
  • No heavy chlorine odor or irritation
  • Fits all floaters

Creates soft water feel

HTH spa™ Bromine Tabs not only disinfect and sanitize your water, but they also create softer-feeling water for total relaxation.

You’re all clear with HTH®

For best results, use HTH spa™ Bromine Tabs as part of your regular HTH spa™ care routine.

Compatible with bromine spas

Unlike chlorine, bromine has less odor, so it won't irritate skin or bleach bathing suits.

How to use

HTH spa™ Care Bromine Tabs

1. Test Your Spa Water

Use HTH spa™ Test Strips to test your spa water twice weekly. Bromine levels should be maintained between 2 – 4 ppm

2. Place Tab(s) In Floater

Refer to the on-pack instructions for correct dosage.

3. Adjust or Replace

HTH spa™ Bromine Tabs in floater as needed.

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