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HTH® Pool Care Metal, Stain & Scale Control 1 quart (1 quart)


SKU: 6530125

Prevent dissolved metals from staining pool surfaces and equipment and causing cloudy water in just two steps.

Protects against metal stains and scale formation
Removes fresh metal and copper stains
Compatible with all swimming pools

Prevents cloudy water & staining
HTH® helps prevent dissolved metals (from source water, pool equipment or algaecides) from causing stains, scale buildup and cloudy water.

Protects pool equipment
Helps remove fresh metal and copper stains and prevent mineral deposits on equipment.

Compatible with all pools
This product is great for all swimming pools including vinyl-lined and salt water systems.

You’re all clear with HTH®
For best results, incorporate HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control into your regular maintenance routine.

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