HTH® Pool Care Chlorine Granules Ultra 5 lbs (5 lbs)


SKU: 6533145

Get the ultimate in pool care convenience with this all-in-one Cal Hypo formula. It sanitizes, controls algae, clarifies, softens pool water and even prevents stain and scale to keep your pool clean, clear and ready for summer fun.

All-in-one sanitizer and shock treatment
Kills bacteria and algae
Softens, clarifies and prevents stain and scale
Visibly sparkling blue water in 24 hours

Visibly brilliant sparkle
This Cal Hypo based formula sanitizes and shock treats without adding cyanuric acid (CYA) to prevent overstabilizaiton or chlorine lock.

Multifunctional, fast acting
The all-in-1 pool treatment has built-in algae control, pool water clarifier, stain and scale preventer, water softener and filter aid—all with visible sparkling blue results in 24 hours!

Compatible with all pools
This product is great for all pool types including vinyl-lined pools and saltwater systems.

You’re all clear with HTH®
For best results, use HTH® 6-Way Test Strips twice weekly to test and balance your swimming pool water and keep chlorine levels between 1 and 4 ppm.

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