HTH® Pool Care Algae Guard 10, 1 Gallon (1 Gallon)


SKU: 6533087

Don’t let green algae ruin your summer. Kill and prevent it with this non-foaming, fast-acting algae control.

Quickly kills and prevents green algae
Swim after 15 minutes
Compatible with all swimming pool

Take your pool from green to clean
HTH® Algae Guard 10 is formulated to quickly kill and prevent green algae.

Non-foaming, fast-acting algaecide
Add HTH® Algae Guard 10 directly to your swimming pool water and swim just 15 minutes after.

Compatible with all pools
This algae control is great for all swimming pools including vinyl-lined and salt water systems.

You’re all clear with HTH®
For best results, use HTH® Algae Guard 10 as part of your weekly maintenance routine. Works great with HTH® Shock products.

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