Hillman Power Pro Premium Interior Wood Screws #6 X 1" - 100 Pc (#6 X 1")


SKU: 19307537

Power Pro premium interior wood screws are designed for wood construction and DIY projects. Engineered performance provides simple solutions for your project. Packaging stacks neatly for easy storage and organization for hassle-free post-purchase use.

TYPE 17 POINT STYLE: Drives 20 percent faster without the need to pre-drill
NO-SPLIT TWIST SHANK: Virtually eliminates splitting and cracking
COUNTERSINKING BLADES: Located under the screw head, this feature enables a more secure lock into the wood surface
STAR DRIVE STYLE: Also known as Torx, this drive is designed to reduce slippage and camout when tightening the screw
USE RECOMMENDATIONS: Use only for interior wood projects; Not recommended for exterior projects or treated lumber
Five (5) XL-Paks per sellable unit
100 pieces per retail package

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