Highback Rocking Chairs (Brown)

Beecham Swing Co

SKU: 8118838

Once you sit in the highback rocking chair, you will never be satisfied with any other kind. Their seat and back are shaped to perfectly conform to the body and support not only your back but your neck and head. Backrest height ranges from 30 inches to 42.5 inches. The feeling of comfort is incredible. You might want the Adirondack style or classic chairs with narrow horizontal or vertical slats. Adirondack chairs come in several versions: classic, fan-backed or whimsical, with interesting form in the back. The materials vary as well. You can choose durable, timeless cedar, classic oak, recycled plastic or budget treated pine. The chairs can be stained in several lovely stains, painted in a wide range of colors or unpainted, so you can finish them yourself. Chairs manufactured from recycled plastic are becoming extremely popular because they are environmentally friendly, come in wonderful colors that never fade and are so durable they are practically indestructible. The wonderful highback rocking chairs also come as double, for snuggling with the love of your life or your adorable grandkids. Cushions and pillows are sold separately and are wonderful addition for even more comfort. They come in a huge range of colors, stripes and patterns and add a touch of color to your porch or deck.

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