Grab & Go® 48oz./1.5L Mister, Model 190424 (48oz./1.5L)

Grab & Go®

SKU: 13620760

The affordable Grab & Go® 48oz./1.5L Mister is a perfect for Home, Auto, Lawn & Garden, Sanitizing, and Equine applications.

EZ Pump operation for quick, effortless and easy operation
Uniquely designed weighted dip tube consistently pulls liquids from the bottom of the mister
Weighted diptude also allows for coninuing spraying at all angles
Integreted pressure release valve buitl into cap to safely release pressure prior to cleaning or adding liquid
Adjustable poly cone nozzle allows operator to adjust spray from wide fan to sream with a fingertip
Handle & Spray unit conveniently spins on and off for easy filling and cleaning

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