Grab & Go® 1 Gal, Multi-Purpose Sprayer (1 Gallon)

Grab & Go®

SKU: 13620703

The affordable Grab & Go® 1 Gallon Sprayer is easy to use and perfect for Home and Lawn and Garden applications. The built-in handle & Pump are easy to use carry the sprayer where needed!

They both features a 10" non-corrosive poly wand and ergonomic shut-off.
Integrated Poly Adjustable nozzle (adjusts from stream to fine spray).
Large 2.5" filling hole with built-in funnel makes filling up and cleaning easy.
Features large premium pump with ergonomic shutoff, adjustable poly cone nozzle, reinforced 32" hose, buna seals and dip tube filter.
One-step assembly is quick and easy.

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