Garden Weasel

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Helps Bring New Life to Lawns with Compact Soil

Helps bring new life to lawns with compact soil. Symptoms of compact soil include: thin turf, with poor color, and bare patches that do not respond to watering or fertilizer. Compact soil creates a barrier that keeps water and air from reaching grass roots and providing vital nutrients. The Weasel® Core Aerator also stimulates root growth by “pruning” the roots, as well as providing lawn surface nutrients.

Reasons to Use the Weasel Core Aerator

1. Stimulates root growth by “pruning” the roots as well as providing lawn surface nutrients.
2. Angled tips easily penetrate compact soil.
3. Center footplate allows even pressure and maximum force to remove soil cores.
4. Durable construction materials, allowing you to work faster with less effort.

Product Features

 Lifetime Warranty
 Double welded construction
 Wide center footplate
 Overall height = 40"

Using the Weasel Core Aerator

Always wear proper footwear. Step down firmly on the footplate to penetrate grass and soil in affected areas. Compact soil plugs will automatically be extracted though the top openings of the aerator, with each application. The soil plugs will breakdown on the surface, leaving less compact soil.

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