Feit Electric Motion Activated 1200 Lumen 5000K LED PAR38 (2-Pack) (120 Watt)

Feit Electric

SKU: 10003184

Keep areas well-lit without compromising home aesthetics with a dual-pack of Feit Electric motion-detecting reflector LED light bulbs from Feit Electric. These PAR38 bulbs output 1200 lumens of 5000K Daylight color temperature light using only 13.3 watts - up to 89% less energy than an equivalent 120-watt incandescent. Integrated sensors automatically turn the light on when motion is detected, improving safety and convenience. Choose a dependable Feit Electric motion-activated light bulb for your outdoor security needs.

Automatic sensors turn the light on when motion is detected
Energy efficient LED light suitable for larger spaces or situations where you want more light
Crisp Daylight color illuminates fine details with invigorating cool light
Enhance 90+ CRI LED light makes colors vibrant and skin tones look more natural
10 foot motion detection range

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