Chapin 4-gallon Mixes on Exit (M.O.E.) Backpack Manual Backpack Sprayer (4 Gallon)


SKU: 13621230

Spraying weeds around your fence line; applying liquid fertilizer throughout your yard; or protecting your flower garden from pests? We've taken our innovative Mixes on Exit (M.O.E.) technology and condensed to an easy to carry backpack! No more worrying about pre-mixing chemicals or wasting what you don't use. Our 63950 M.O.E. backpack sprayer comes with two chemical tanks so you can use one and keep one handy when you need to switch. Clean water goes directly into the main tank, then set the dial to accurately adjust your chemical concentrate. The attached padded straps with lumbar support and cushioned grip shut-off keep you comfortable while spraying. Three nozzle types are included so you have options to fit your application.
M.O.E technology in a easy to carry backpack: water and concentrate are in separate tanks, only mix when spraying
2, 40 oz, concentrate tanks included
Made in the USA with global materials
Multi-use nozzle tips included: adjustable cone, brass, and fan tips
In-tank removable filter for easy cleaning and catching debris
Deluxe padded straps & lumbar support adjusts to most shapes and sizes
Snap-in carry cap wand stores away on the cap and easy carry handle for convenience
Wide mouth 6" opening for easy filling and cleaning with filter basket
Simple dial control accurately adjust chemical concentrate from 1 - 10 oz per gallon

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