All-Purpose Electrician's Wire Cutter Tool

Klein Tools

SKU: 11001369

All Purpose Electricians Wire Cutter Tool, 2 Wire Cutters, 1 At Tip, The Other Halfway Back Near Stripping Holes, Doubles The Utility Of This Tool, Crimps 7-8 MM Insulated & Non-Insulated Terminals, Lugs & Splices, Cuts & Strips 8-22 AWG Solid & 10-26 AWG Stranded Wire, Cleanly Shears Bolts, Pivot Nut Adjusts Tension, Left & Right Hand Wire Looping Holes Near Tip, Full Sized, Plastic Covered Cushioned Handles For Comfort, Wire Cutter In Nose & Below Pivot, Crimping Dies Color Coded For Easy Identification.

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