Schrock Cabinetry

We will now be carrying Schrock Cabinetry.So stop on in and check out the HUGE selection and options we can design and order for you with the Schrock Cabinetry Line. Everyone trusts the Schrock name for its expertly crafted cabinets that stands the test of time..

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Thinking about new windows this year?

window norandex

Stop on in and see our Norandex selection for all your window needs. Stout Lumber's window products focus on fulfilling three consumer demands: low-maintenance, energy efficiency, and superior performance. So stop on in or give us a call and let's get started on this before the cold winter months start. Brrrrrrrr.



Need Supplies for Back To College?

Moving to Dorm FB

Seems like we are all just settling in to summer, but alas, store advertisements have already started reminding us that the start of school is just around the corner and for those heading off to colleges and universities, that time is even sooner.

If you or a family member is heading back to campus, check out the Slug Books College Packing list for an easy to use packing checklist of suggested items for the dorm room, along with other helpful info to get college students off to a good start this fall.

We have a lot of the door room basics you will need, here at Stout Lumber, including packing tape, light bulbs, cleaning supplies and more.

Harris Bed Bug Spray
On Sale For Only $6.99

Harris Bed Bug Killer is a must have item to add to your campus bound shopping list (and keep some on hand at home as well).  One of the most repulsive insects to deal with is the bed bug. I get itchy just thinking about them! Bed bug infestations have been on the rise in recent years. Controlling these bloodsuckers in multi-unit dwellings, is tricky as they literally hitchhike from room to room. Pest control professionals have indicated that college dormitories can become a “hotbed for bedbug activity” We carry Harris Bed Bug Killer in quart and gallons. Harris Bed Bug Killer is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for the control of bedbugs and lice. Spray mattresses, bedside furniture, luggage and backpacks. It’s odorless and non-staining. For more information on bedbugs and other Harris pest solutions go to